My latest coffee-fueled idea is to redo horrible annual reports by my favorite nonprofits, and then build a consulting business. It’s a little bit silly–as of two weeks ago, I’d barely even made a chart in Excel. And now I somehow know enough to make money at it?

It’s not like I think I know much. But damn, I sure could do better than some of these things I’m seeing.

My boss is a report person. She really really really likes graphs. So I signed up for a data visualization webinar by Ann Emory a couple weeks ago, and just fiddling with a basic bar chart during the webinar, made it look soooo much better. I like it when I can do things well, so I got really excited about it. Then, lucky me, the last few weeks have been really slow at work, so I’ve been putting probably too much time into making a super pretty quarterly report. We’ll see what my boss thinks of it, of course. But I actually brought my work computer home so I could keep working on it over the weekend.

But, you know, I have two weeks experience. There’s no way I could charge people money. (Or could I? Is this imposter syndrome? I know I can do better than some of the annual reports I’m seeing.) Either way, though, more experience is the ticket. So here’s a list of blogs and books I’m going read: and

<em>The Visual Display of Quantitative Information</em> by Edward Tufte
stuff by Stephen Few
The Wall Street Journal Guide to Information Graphics by Donna Wong
Design for Information by Isabel Meirelles


It’s been a long time since I’ve been really excited about learning something. This is very fun.


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