Kids’ videos for radical parents

Some fantastic wonderful friends of mine came over this morning and brought me a latte and held the baby, which is really all you need to incur my gratitude forever. They also talked with me about interesting things, which is almost as fabulous at this stage of hanging out with a toddler and infant all day and missing adult interaction. We ended up talking about kids’ TV shows and videos, and how to negotiate supporting a child’s interest in videos that are heteronormative or promote poor conflict resolution skills or introduce other concepts that are not really values we adults support.

Which ended up with me volunteering to write some reviews about my and R’s favorite videos.

We’ll see how long this impulse lasts after the latte wears off, but I will say that some videos we’ve both been enjoying include Bo on the Go, Pocoyo, Pingu, Super Why, Peppa Pig, Mr Rogers, Sesame Street, Peg + Cat, WordGirl, and, like every other 2 to 10 year old around, Frozen. (YouTube and Netflix are pretty great these days, I gotta say–half my problem with most TV shows are all the commercials.) Shows R likes that I don’t as much are Curious George and The Magic School Bus.

So… hopefully, in depth reviews coming soon.