Hello, world.

I’m still figuring out how WordPress works, but there’s nothing that complex about writing a blog post. I have a long history with journaling–I’m familiar with the deadliness of the blank page/screen. At some point there’s nothing to do but just go for it.

So why a blog? What am I doing here? What makes me special? What do I have to say?

Mostly, I think my life is awesome and interesting and I want to write about it. I unschooled as a child and teenager and have things to say about that. I now am married to another grown unschooler and we have young kids, and I want to talk about unschooling and relationships and parenting. After my daughter was born, I went back to work as the family breadwinner while my husband quit his job to stay at home with our daughter, which completely changed how I think about work and my career. I want to talk about feminism, too, and feminism in my career and in parenting and in unschooling. It all ties together, I promise.

For me, it really all comes down to this quote:

“Bread makes itself, by your kindness, with your help, with imagination running through you.” –The Tassajara Bread Book

I love making bread. It feels magical every time to take this unlikely set of ingredients and somehow turn it into something delicious. It’s a balance between control and letting go. I pick the ingredients, I knead it, I put it in the oven, but the humidity of the air and the age of the yeast and who even knows what else means each loaf of bread is entirely unique.

That’s how I want to live my life. That feeling of control over what I put in, and joy in never knowing exactly how it’ll turn out. That’s how I want to parent, how I want to work, how I want to unschool, how I want to blog.

Even if I don’t get to eat fresh warm bread when I’m done.